About us

Heneng Technology provides Turn-Key PCB Solutions for international markets. Heneng Technology is headquatered in Shenzhen, China with clients from all over the world, such as Russia, United States, UAE, Europe, Asia etc. We provide services to clients from various fields, such as Robotics, Bio-medical, Automation, Tele-communication, Commercial Drones, Home Appliances, and more. Heneng Technology works with manufacturers from Shenzhen China, Taiwan, Korea, and other regions with differentiated capabilities to provide the most suitable service and solutions for our clients.

Our mission

To help clients reach their goals by providing them the best products with best quality and price in the best time.

Why Clients Choose Heneng Technology

Many clients and businesses keep coming to Heneng Technology since  they confidently know  that our company provides the insight, knowledge, professional guidance and end-to-end services that helps them move forward with their goals. On top of these all, the company delivers pragmatic and professional solutions in order to provide fast and practical results. Our соmmіtmеnt tо ԛuаlіtу іnсludеѕ еxесutіvе оvеrѕіght in every еngаgеmеnt with unparalleled аttеntіvеnеѕѕ tо the rеlаtіоnѕhір we fоrgе wіth each оf оur clients.

Our Team

We have an experienced, talented and dedicated team with an extensive background in the fields of PCB Design & Manufacturing, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, etc. We respond to opportunities, assess challenges and develop solutions while
leveraging our relationships and expertise.

Sandy  Wang
Founder & CEO

Sandy Wang: Holds a Master’s degree in Translation and Interpretation with 5 year’s experience working for international clients. Worked as an Operation manager for The Luxe Group for 3 years. Worked as the BD manager at Elecfreaks, responsible for customised PCB/PCBA projects. Mr. Wang is a business leader with expertise and resources needed to achieved strategic outcomes, drive business performance, and increase operational efficiency.

Landen Kang

Technical Team Leader

Bachelor in Engineering, 6 years experience working as a Senior Engineer at TP-Link, with responsibilities includes PCB design, layout, and manufacturing, where he gained experience rvorking as a team leader. He is currently leading the technical team with four staff at Heneng Technology.

Jack Wang

QA and Logistics Team Leader

Bachelor in Management. 3 years experience working as a production leader and 2 years experience as supply chain manager at a trading company. Jack has experience in sourcing, production, quality assurance, shipping, etc. Jack is currently leading a Logistics team at Heneng Technology.

Intellectual property Rights

Wifi Router

Wifi 6

Rugged Terminal

Rugged Smart Devices

Software Copyright

Signal Inspection System for UAV

Software Copyright

Signal Anti-intervention System for UAV

Software Copyright

Routing Management System for UAV

Software Copyright

 Remote Operating System for UAV

Software Copyright

Camera Adjustment for Action Camera based on IoT

Software Copyright

Pixel Processing System for Action Camera

Software Copyright

HD Camera Adjustment for Action Camera

Software Copyright

Self-Adjustment System for Action Camera

Software Copyright

PCB Soldering Quality Inspection System

Software Copyright

Apture Self-djustment System for Action Camera

Software Copyright

Image Optimization for Action Camera

Software Copyright

Aerial Shooting Management System for UAV

Software Copyright

Online Iamge-Processing System for UAV

Software Copyright

Function Inspection and Analyzing  System for Smart Hardware

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