Clients testimonials

Working with clients will never be in pure harmony as long as our interests don’t match with those of the clients. That is why our company’s core principles are to put our clients’ interests at the foremost importance. This way, we create Iong lasting relationships with our clients as our business’s way of life.

“Heneng Consulting helped managed our project from prototype to production,reducing 50% on cost.” Andrey, CTO, ROBBO

“Heneng Consulting takes the initiative to identify problems and devise solutions. They are a very intelligent team with a mind well suited to the world of business and management. ” Trevor Tiffin, CEO, The Luxe Group Ltd

“Great pleasure working with a team with inspiration, commitment and efficiency.” Loay Melahmah, 3DMENA

“An incredible entrepreneur. His connections and influence in the China markets are priceless. ” Craig Davidenko,CEO Dromemedia

“Very professional team to work with.”

Vincent, IHS

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