At Heneng, we just helped a PCB designer from Europe produced and assembled his iMX6 Rex board.

Back to October, 2019, we received from customer the iMX6 Rex design files. Later on, we realized the iMX6 Rex design files are perfect for PCB designers to learn everything important about routing PCB Layout for high speed interfaces such DDR3, PCIE, SATA, Ethernet, HDMI, LVDS, etc

Below is some technical details about iMX6 Rex PCB

Imx6 Rex – Top- Heneng PCBA

  • Layers:12
  • Material: FR4, TG150
  • Board Thickness: 1.6 mm
  • Min. Line Width: 4 mil
  • Buried vias: Yes.
  • Via filling and tenting: Yes
  • HDI Level 2
  • Finish:ENIG
  • BGA:0.8 mm pitch
  • Min. Component Size: 0402
  • Quality: IPC Class 2
  • Impedance Control:10%

Computer (CPU, RAM, high speed con.)

Imx6 Rex – Bottom- Heneng PCBA

  • NXP (Freescale) iMX6 processor, up to 1.2GHz / 4 cores
  • Soldered down DDR3-1066 (533MHz), up to 4GB
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
  • 1x HDMI (up to QXGA 2048×1536)
  • 1x LVDS output
  • 1x PCIE
  • 1x SATA
  • On board SPI Flash up to 32Mb
  • 1x SD (or optional 2x CAN), 1x MMC
  • 2x USB
  • 3x UART, 3x I2C, 1x SPI
  • Digital audio
  • JTAG
  • User LED, power LED
  • 2x high speed board to board connectors (only one required)
  • Size: 70 x 40 mm (smaller than a credit card)
  • Input power: 7 to 24V DC (or single +5V)

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